You always hear bookkeepers and accountants talk about the different accounting software out there. I will try to simplify this for you as much as I can.
I guess the simplest thing to say is "they are all the same". Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is trying to be too technical. Respond with this: KISS. Keep it simple silly. 

What do you need out of an accounting software?
Net profit
Who owes me (debtors / accounts receivable)
Who I owe (creditors / accounts payable)
What do I own?
Bank reconciliations
Statutory reports

Probably the most popular software out there. 

Peachtree / Sage:
Second most popular software.

Web based vs desktop based:
Software companies such as Intuit are moving towards the subscription based method. This make sense since it captures you into their revenue net. There are so many cracks for the software they put on the market. Millions and millions of losses due to hackers. 
Sure its convenient to have a web based service with little downtime but its really expensive. If you are a Mac user, you already have a burden to find a software that runs on mac. Ultimately, you'd think that this is your solution but it doesn't have to be.

QB online subscription is about $50 per month. 
A desktop computer running windows is about $250.
QB desktop sells for about $200.
Google remote desktop is free hence you can access your files anywhere. 

I would personally recommend against using web based systems. But at the end of the day, its your call. 

I'll be able to help:
- Setup an accounting system.
- Run and manage an account system.
- On site or remote based on your preference.