You may be thinking to yourself, what other services can a bookkeeper possibly offer? As I explained in another page, I complete my bookkeeping tasks really fast and leaves me lots of time to do other things. These include:

Database development. 

I am very skilled in developing SQL Server driven applications. This can be used on a MS Access front end or web browser as web application. If you can dream it, I can build it in a database. I also do some dreaming my self and build those dreams. All I need from you to answer the question: how may I help you?

Biometric Time and Attendance Solution. 
It would be unfair to myself to say I sell biometric devices. What I provide is a complete 

solution which captures the time information of your employees and process that such that it becomes available to your payroll department. A biometric system implementation has several different phases. Choosing the right devices, installing those devices,
training the employees to use the device, determine and install the right software system, customize the software system, train the user of the software system. 

Accumark Gerber custom system development. 
At the first job I held as bookkeeper I was introduced to something I never did before, Pattern Making. There was a contractor who promised to complete a system in three months. This ended up being an entire year and the system was nowhere near complete. I took over the development and within a few months I was able to accomplish more than what he did in over a year. I believe that I would be able to help you the same way whether it is with Accumark or even a program I never seen before. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about any other service I may be able to provide you with.