Welcome to NY Bookkeep. I am Don. I signed up for about 50 sites such as indeed.com, monster.com, careerbuilder.com and got one response to my applications. I landed the job on the first and only interview which was from a response on craigslist.com!

The main problem with those job sites is that they all have the same job postings. For each site I neede
d to compile a resume and some of sites I had to pay when submitting a resume. 

The main problem for me on those sites is that there were thousands of people seeing those same job postings and applying for those positions. How do you get your resume to stand out! I mean I am applying for a bookkeeper position, surely everyone who applies for the position is equally qualified
 to be a BOOKKEEPER!

I am quite happy with my current bookkeeping work. I finish my entire weeks work in about two hours and 
for that I make $500 per week. What does this tell me? I have the ability to make more money. Will I apply for more jobs? Certainly. How will I do that? Through this site and not through any of those sites I went through before.
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Picture was taken at Central Park.