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posted Sep 20, 2014, 4:34 PM by Surendra Dhanpaul   [ updated Sep 20, 2014, 4:58 PM ]
Guyana - not Ghana, is a country located on the south eastern coast of South America. It's bordered by Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname and the Atlantic. Guyana gained its independence in 1966 from Britain and is the only English speaking country in South America. 

I was born and raised in rural Guyana having not left my home town until I was 16! This is mostly due to over protective parents, but then again, I turned out great.

Almost everything in Guyana is cheap. In fact, it is the cheapest country I have ever visited and I visited quite a few. Here is a list of the common things among countries:

Item  Price USD
 Taxi around the city  $1.50
 Bus transport for over 30 miles  $3.00
 Beer (local)  $1.25
 Used car (good condition)  $10,000
 Bottle water (1L)  $1.00
 Bottle soda (20 oz)  $0.50
 Full course meal  $5.00
 Labour rate (per hr) - simi skilled  $1.75

Being one of the cheapest places, you'd come to expect a high crime rate. I have to admit that crime is high. I personally got robbed 4 times while living in the city but I continued to live there until I migrated to the USA. 
My brother said it best, if u get robbed down a particular street... don't walk down that street.